VersaMil...a versatile unit which will take over the kind of jobs that normally require expensive single purpose machines. Self-powered, it is compact and completely portable; it goes to the job. This means machining costs are cut to a bare minimum. Saves handling, set-ups and downtime.

The VersaMil unit has built-in power and works as an independent unit or as an attachment on standard machines. Close tolerances are maintained and profitable metal removal rates are achieved. Portability and easy adaptation to a specific need make VersaMil an ideal unit for maintenance, toolroom, or production work. Another time-saving feature is VersaMil's adaptability to feed tables to perform many maintenance machining jobs, in-place, without disassembly of equipment. It is capable of handling primary and secondary operations such as grinding, milling, boring, shaping, slotting, drilling and more.

Specifications of the Basic VersaMil Unit:

  1. Precision lead screw collar calibrated to .001"
  2. Versatile design: drive easily inserted in right or left side for greatest accessibility to work
  3. Constant speed, reversible motor operates at 1725 rpm; can be turned end for end 180
  4. Positive locking of spindles and cutter arbors permits right hand or left hand tool rotation
  5. Drive worm and gear in bath of oil for longer service life
  6. Calibrations to 30 on each side of center of face for correct angular settings of attachments
  7. Hardened and ground morse taper spindle
  8. Hardened and ground guide posts
  9. Base designed for quick, easy mounting

#31 VersaMil  Main Unit, mounted on an 8" Feed
Table, with a Universal Head

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